Monday, 29 August 2016

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Taste of South in the Heart of North: South Indian Eateries in Delhi

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Fresh, crispy dosas and idlis as light as air, these are the quintessential South Indian treats that we know of and love the most. But do you know that there's a great deal more to this subtle cuisine? The best part is that you need not necessarily travel southwards to sample the authentic fare. The capital city, Delhi, itself has some fabulous eateries serving the heavenly customary cuisine. One bite, and you are transported right into the Dravidian lands. Come, let’s taste some!

For someone who opted for the Amritsar to Delhi flights to specially savor the authentic foodie spirit of Delhi, especially the South Indian cuisine that one can delve into, we’d go out of our way exclusively to help you indulge in the best of South Indian delicacies, right here in North India, in our very own Delhi.

1.Andhra Bhavan

The best South Indian eatery in Delhi-NCR, Andhra Bhawan is a must-visit place for all South Indian food lovers. The spot may give you a South Indian canteen feel, however, don't underestimate the power of delectable food served here. Andhra Bhawan serves delectable, real Andhra food and South Indian indulgences. They will serve you for boundless time, until you are full healthily. It's greatly cheap place and costs you no more than just Rs. 300. Amazing  food at drop dead low prices!

2. Carnatic Cafe

This little and subtle eatery offers home-style cooking from Karnataka. There are the better-known dishes like curd rice and vadas, furthermore, some conventional food that one frequently doesn't see in different parts of the nation. The interiors are cosy, and little designs of paper cut outs and puppets are very much signature to Karnataka.

3. Saravana Bhavan

Something that began as a little eatery in Chennai, today Saravana Bhavan has branches everywhere throughout the world, and is a solid wager for Tamil vegetarian food. It serves incredible idlis, vadas, dosas, uthappams and rice dishes seasoned with lemon, tamarind, tomato or coriander. A highlight of the menu is their smaller than usual tiffin, which packs in not almost everything that you’d need for hearty meal. End your dinner with a some filter coffee, and keep in mind to stock up on customary flavorful munchies while going out.

4. Zambar

Zambar, Gurgaon is another spectacular spot for South Indian, coastal food. The spot is a treat to your eyes, with gigantic wooden boats framed seating zone. The staff at Zambar is all around prepared and they generally guarantee you get gracious administration. Other than South Indian food, they additionally serve various types of coastal cuisines. Regarding pricing, the spot is a bit expensive and costs Rs 2,500 for two.

5. Naivedyam

Situated at Hauz Khas Village, Naivedyam serves Udipi cuisine and is among the best eateries in Delhi offering South Indian food. The first thing you're served when you arrive is a dish of rasam. At that point you can browse through the numerous veg Udipi top choices on the menu. The better part is that the costs are very much within the budget. Naivedyam recommends reservations.

Who said that you cannot get the real taste of South Indian treats in Delhi? Once you visit the above mentioned spots for yourself, you’ll know for yourself the truth. Wait no more!


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