Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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Divided By Hatred, United By Chocolates

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While world has given enough reasons for hatred, it has simultaneously provided few gestures and means too in curbing such hatred. And what better way it could be other than gifting chocolates. Chocolates not only leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth but it also offers a wonderful and enticing feeling to people which has the capacity to sober up a sour relationship. Besides, the huge benefits that chocolates have, the popularity of chocolates in the market, range from as simple as children’s health drink to lovers’ delight.

Having said that, one can easily establish that chocolates are the most irresistible form of gifts which also come with the advantage of being pocket friendly at the same time. Hence if you are low on budget, but you just need to impress your girl next time, try those chocos, available right at your locality store. Besides, chocolates can always remain as a credible option, when you’re thinking of giving a luscious wedding gift to your friend or as a Christmas gift maybe, keeping aside the fact that it always remains a favorite when it comes to birthday present.  Hence be it any occasion, over any distance, you can always send happiness to your loved ones through chocolates by post.

But in order to send chocolates as gifts, one must explore the advantages and disadvantages that chocolates have:

ü  The chemical called tryptophan that is present in a classic chocolate, helps in better brain functioning and provides excitement to a soul.

ü  It lowers the cholesterol and also lowers the Blood Pressure.

ü  Produces Anti-oxidants that help in preventing premature aging.

ü  Being rich in flavoring and gallic acid it lowers heart risks.

ü  Good digestion is also promoted by chocolates.

ü  Cancer can also be prevented by chocolates.

ü  Current studies show that it slows down the decline of nervous activities which happens with the age.

ü  Helps in the treatment of kidney stones and anaemia.

ü  It prevents the clumping of blood platelets which results in blood clots.

ü  Flavanol in chocolates also helps to protect against sunburns.

ü  Dark chocolates can be really enticing to women who are on their chumps.

However, every good thing in life comes with a cost and chocolates too are no exception to this. Over consumption of chocolates come up with a lot of disadvantages too.

o   Dark chocolates are really calorie rich with high content of sugar and fat.

o   Elements such as caffeine, sugar and theobromine have addictive properties

o   Vasoactive amines in chocolates lead to migraine problems.

o   Vessels of the brain are also dilated by chocolates.

o   Moreover,high quantity of arginine in dark chocolates aggravate problems in patients of herpes infection.

So, keeping both in mind, chocolates still stand out as undisputedly the best gifts ever. Thankfully, with the advent of globalisation and the mushrooming of online shopping stores, the world has become really small and you can always order your favourite imported chocolates and give a treat to your tongue or spread smiles across the world by sending chocolate gifts by post to your loved ones.


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