Tuesday, 13 September 2016

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Ways to travel to Jaipur

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Jaipur is one of the most colourful cities in India. It is located in the desert state of Rajasthan, and it also happens to be its capital. Spread out on the desert sand, this is one of the topmost tourist destinations throughout India. If there is one place in India that you should visit is Rajasthan, and you should kick start your journey around the state from Jaipur. 

There are many heritage hotels near jaipur as well as within the city itself and hence finding a luxurious accommodation won’t be a problem at all over here. Being the capital of the city, it is but natural that this city will be well-connected with the other parts of the state but it is also well-connected with the other major metropolitans. There are numerous ways which you can adopt when it comes to travelling to Jaipur. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can travel to Jaipur: 

1.     Catch a flight: If you want to make sure that you travel fast and that too in comfort, then you should catch a flight to Jaipur. Located 12kms away from the main area of the city is Sanganer where the airport. This airport caters both national as well as international flights. Domestic flights from all the major metropolitans of the country ply to this airport on a regular basis. If you want now you can even travel directly from Dubai, Sharjah and Kuala Lumpur to Jaipur with a direct flight. 

2.     Take the train: If you have some time in your hands and are travelling to Jaipur from one Indian state to another, then the best option for you would be to take the train. The best train to take when travelling to Jaipur is the Shatabdi Express. It runs from many cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Patna, Bangalore, etc., to Jaipur. There are various express trains too that run directly from one city to another. Thus finding a train to Jaipur won’t be a problem. If you are staying in one of the best hotels of Jaipur, then you can ask for a pick up from the station itself. 

3.     Take the bus: If you are on a tight budget and are in situated in a city like Delhi which is very close to Jaipur, then you can take a bus to this beautiful city. You can also use the various bus services active within the state for inter-state travel. 

4.     Take the road:Generally, the flight tickets are almost double the fare from any place to India to Jaipur since it has lesser traffic than some of the most important metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. So, you can take a flight to Delhi and from there book a car and travel to Jaipur. The distance between the two cities is around 270kms and it will take you around 5-6 hours to reach the city. But the drive will be totally worth it as you will experience slowly moving into the desert from rough wilderness of Haryana, through the changing topography. 

So, these are the various means that you can take when travelling to Jaipur. Happy travelling!


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