Thursday, 27 October 2016

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Significance of having trading strategies when entering the stock market

Irrespective of the type of business that the person is interested to indulge in, there is a need on his part to have a properly planned strategy, which is considered to be an absolute must for enjoying sure success.  The stock market also requires well planned strategies to be created, if the person is eager to enter this highly volatile market and to make huge profits from it and to minimize the losses.
The stock market is rather termed to be an unpredictable, but dynamic entity which can swing in any direction at any point of time and this could be in seconds and also would take place without any saying. For surviving the stock market, as well as trying to emerge a successful trader, what is required by every beginner and experienced trader is an effective and clearly defined strategy. Added to this would be necessary sheer determination to make it big in this market. The success of the trader is simply not evaluated upon availing the services of the best discount broker or based upon his losses and gains; it also gets analysed on the extent to which there has been adherence of the set strategy.


Knowing the different trading strategies

Basically, the trading strategy comprises of rules, which define clearly the parameters that are to be met for initiating exit / entry from a specific stock. It should not be seen as a simple definition. Rather, it is to involve specific actions or careful descriptions for entering and exiting stocks with specific parameter definitions. Each and every strategy would depend upon the trader’s preference, wherein the available time frame, investment capital, risk bearing capacity, including other chief factors is to be taken into consideration. The ideal trading strategy is to be created in a manner that it can be used for a long time, even if day trading is involved with minute-by-minute actions. The strategy is likely to define the manner, in which profits are to be reaped in and how risks get managed.

Understanding the advantages derived from using appropriate trading strategy

The trader on having a well-crafted trading strategy can ensure being focused on the different action plans. He can also avoid getting swayed due to emotional interventions that might take place during the trading sessions that might otherwise lead him to experience losses. Having the trading strategy defined would help the trader to know the precise parameters, which are to be met. This way, his chances to enjoy more profits can be enhanced and made a grand reality. These days, people have been using automated trading systems and platform that comes with custom and predefined day trading strategies, various stock trading strategies and swing trading strategies. These systems are said to rule out completely the emotional quotient, while working efficiently, based upon predefined rules of trading. Once the desired strategy has been set, the stocks can be selected, which are found to be compatible with it. Further actions could be taken based on this strategy.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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How to clean hard water stains from bathroom fixtures

Hard water stains are white or brown nasty spots on the sink, tubs, glass doors, mirrors, tiles and shower enclosures that are formed due to the high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. Surfaces that daily exposes to hard water are most likely to deposit these minerals and start appearing dirty. Whether or not you wash your bathroom daily, these minerals find their way to settle down on the surfaces. Once they build up, they are the toughest spots to remove. A number of products are available in the market with large claims to get rid of these pesky deposits. Before buying, such commercial products pay attention to check their composition, as they usually contain harsh acids, which are equally bad for the environment and human health.

Here I am sharing a few eco-friendly homemade cleaners and simple tricks you can easily practice in bathroom cleaning to free surfaces from these annoying spots.

Baking soda and vinegar

You must have used and heard about the capabilities of these household products. These two have a great potential to remove these stubborn stains.  Dispense a cup full of vinegar on the surface you want to clean spread it with a brush to cover it completely.  Let it sit for few minutes then sprinkle sufficient amount of baking soda and again swish the surface with vinegar, leave this mixture to sit for 10-20 minutes. Acidic pH will soften the scums and abrasive action of baking soda will remove spot after scrubbing with a brush. You can also make a paste of two ingredients to layer the surface.

Borax and Vinegar

Borax is another domestic product that can efficiently work as a multipurpose tidier. It works well to remove mineral stains from plumbing fixtures, tiles, toilets, bathtubs and shower stalls. It often uses with undiluted white vinegar. In order to get rid of sediments, prepare a thick paste of these and apply it well to cover the surface you want to treat. Leave it at least for 30 minutes, then take a scrubbing brush to scrub the surface. This will remove almost all the marks. Repeat if required.


In order to remove the toughest layers, scrubbing the affected surface with wet sandpaper is a good choice. Either use a baking soda paste or borax paste while scouring with the paper. This is necessary not only to ensure removal of spots but also to protect the surface from scratches, which can be caused upon direct scrubbing.

Undiluted white vinegar and lemon Juice

These natural liquids with acidic pH can be used as domestic products. Being natural they are mild, they might take little longer to act. As they are not toxic, they can be fearlessly used for household cleaning. When these two are used in the mixture form, they can effectively loosen and remove water and soap stains from faucets and fixtures. Prepare the mixture with a 50/50 concentration and spray it on the surface you want to treat. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rub it well with a brush. End process with rinsing thoroughly.

Summary: As soon as you see the hard water stain formation over the bathroom fixtures, don’t delay addressing this issue. Otherwise, they will become permanent and hard to remove.

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Things to consider when going on a business trip

Whether it’s a holiday trip, vacation trip with family or you are commuting for business reasons; it requires a lot of planning and consideration to fulfil all the expectations. You can’t leave your place unless you have already made arrangements not only to reach the destination but also for accommodation. In fact, experienced travellers also suggest planning the places a person wants to visit if it’s a vacation trip. Imagine how important it becomes when you are flying abroad for occupational reasons. You must already search and gather information about the commercial centres, leading investors, financial institutes and state authorities dealing with the foreign capitalist. This information is required to identify the potential of earning, risks and limitations of establishing a setup. As you are here for the limited duration, you have to sensibly plan every single thing to avoid wasting money and time.

You might have tripping abroad with family and friends, its first time you are packing up for the business reasons. To make this trip successful, it is necessary to consider a few basic things. Here is the list:

Set your objectives, as your aim is to either finding a potential market to supply your product, or you may simply want to invest capital in a foreign country to diversify your portfolio. In order to sell products or services, you should already know the potential buyers/distributors who could help you to sell things. Also, evaluate the competition and observe the market closely to see whether the product is actually resolving any genuine problem, which customers might be facing. Don’t ignore studying the services and product qualities if you see other vendors are offering the similar items. Ideally, you should have a market survey report in your hand before you step down there.

Research passionately to avoid startup failure. You might find your idea a real success; you can’t expect the same if you are approaching a new market. Don’t make a common mistake of making a decision without carrying out due diligence. To ensure success, you must research intensely to avoid missing a single facet of opportunities, their culture, entities and important personalities involved in the process of setting up a business.

Act efficiently & economically to avoid putting extra financial burden on you before you start earning. Especially, if you have a small budget. As soon as you reached the territory, start speaking to the authorities and financiers to see the possibility to gain loans. It is also possible to get initial help from state government. Don’t pack up your bags for the country, who is not welcoming and facilitating foreign investments from small startups. Try finding some alternative destination to gain the maximum profits and benefits.

Coordinate with embassy office, although there are a number of travel companies and trip operators offering attractive packages. Don’t fool yourself after watching the list of sightseeing. As your primary aim is not about exploring the interesting places. The embassy will better guide you whether commercial travelling is safe or not. Also, speak to trade associations and chamber of commerce to understand trade policies and taxes. Also, check currency and the exchange rate to estimate the difference value between two different currencies.

Network with friends as it can give you a genuine benefit. Ask them if they know someone reliable in that country. For example, you have mesmerised after reading and watching so much about UAE and now willing to avail the business opportunities in Dubai; I will suggest you to check the contacts in your list to see who has already visited or worked there. As they can provide you genuine information about the city and personal experiences. However, listen carefully what they are saying, but don’t decide once you evaluate things on your own.

Summary: Being an entrepreneur you might be frequently commuting within the country you belong, when it comes to tripping abroad, only purposeful planning ensures the success.
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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Top-Notch Home Decorating Ideas for a Flat near Garia South Kolkata

Have you bought a new flat near Garia South Kolkata? Then you must be having several things to decide upon, right from what type of furniture to bring to what colour to use for each room. When you have spent so much for your new home, now everything you do, must be within a budget. Think something, which is not just creative but out of the box as well. Here below are some of the most creative and inexpensive ways to adorn your apartment.   

Use Shower Curtains, Floating Hangers and Mirror Trays

No, these are not any magic tricks, though all these words sound magical. In fact, these are a part of a creative idea, which will help you decorate your flat on a budget. When some save spaces, others look for beautiful things, which serve as an inspiration. Needless to say that, a shower curtain for the windows, mirror trays and floating hangers add style to your flat. For example, floating hangers not only add an extra dimension to the rooms but also help you choose your outfit without wasting time.

Use Wall Pictures

Are you worried about your empty walls? Just relax because the idea of using wall pictures has come up as a wonderful idea. You do not really need to shell out cash here. Collect some of your photos, arrange them in your own unique way and place them on the wall.   
If you are good in painting, then treat it as an advantage in decorating the walls. Of course, you do not require being a professional artist to sketch an art. It can be something very casual yet attractive to draw attention. Then frame the sketches and put the same on the walls to give a different look.

Use Branch Bundles

Soon after summers, we tend to brace the colder months. We bid farewell to all the flower markets and accordingly start preparing our own gardens for hibernation. So, when you decide to decorate your house, make use of the bark or bare bones, which is not just affordable but readily available. In fact, during winters, you find an abundance of branches and bark right outside your home. Collect the branch bundles to beautify your new flat near Garia South Kolkata.
If you are unsure on how to use the bark or bare bones, then just gather the fallen branches and place them in one of the spacious corners of your room to create an automatic visual interest. Make sure that there is enough light to brighten up the bark, thereby, making the entire room beautiful. 

Use Wine Bottles

Did you know that wine bottles could be recycled? In fact, they can be used as one of the best home decors. You can go ahead with simple ideas like filling the bottle with pebbles and sands and use it as a creative display on the table. You can also decorate and customize the wine bottles as a lampshade. Paint the bottles and make them the ideal showpieces for your home. 
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The pros and the cons of portable toilet tents

Camping is something that families and friends love to engage from time to time. Some are patient about trekking and go trekking and camping on hard to cover routes, while some like to keep it simple, covering comparatively easier trekking routes and camping in less hostile and more comfortable areas. Whichever might be your choice of camping and trekking, you cannot do it without a tent.

Living in a tent can seem to be a little difficult, but if you know the right hacks, then you can make your tent stay almost as convenient as staying at home! The main problem that people grapple with is the toilet. While camping, people generally head out to the woods. Apart from having the risk of catching infections like Urinary Tract Infection, going unsupervised after sunset can turn out to be trouble in disguise. So, how does one steer clear of this problem? Use a portable camping bathroom tent!

What is a portable bathroom tent?

These are most chemical toilets whose liquid, chemicals and the structure needed for setting it up can be carried from one place to another in a car. Once you reach the campsite you have to assemble it, following the given instructions and you will have a chemical toilet ready for your use! This makes answering to nature’s call late at night and early in the morning much easier.

Many people do not step out for camping without these portable bathroom camping tents, whereas a few others have tried it but have stopped using it! There are both advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to using this type of tents. If you are planning to buy them, then you should have an idea about both sides of the coin:

Some advantages of these portable bathroom tents

First and foremost, these campsites are the perfect place to catch a host of infections, which the use of a chemical portable toilet can very easily tackle and reduce significantly.

It becomes easier to go to the toilet even at odd hours, like at night and early in the morning and that too unsupervised.

This is something that every family that goes camping should have, especially with kids.
These tents also have the option of attaching outside shower tent and hence you can also indulge in a bath or two during your camping trip and clean up all the dirt that you might have gathered while trekking.

Overall this is a rather safe and secure option.

Some disadvantagesof these portable bathroom tents

One of the major disadvantages that these tents have is that if they are used by a large number of people, they tend to get really smelly.

These need to be cleaned out from time to time and you need proper dumping sites for that. In fact, they get filled up very fast when used regularly by say a family of 5-6 members.

These tents take up a lot of space in your car which you might want to use for carrying something more exciting.

While carrying the tent back from the trip, a yet to cleaned tent, always has the risk of leaking!

So, whether you want one and don’t need one, is a call that you should take based on your needs and preferences!
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A Quick Guide on Hip Replacement Surgery

If your hip has suffered damage due to arthritis or a fracture or any other condition, simple every day activities like walking or getting up from a seat may be tough. You may experience pain and stiffness of hip. There may be discomfort even in the resting posture.

You may go in for hip replacement surgery, when all other methods fail, including lifestyle changes, medication and walking supports. Hip replacement surgery is an effective and safe procedure which increases motion, relieves pain and helps you resume normal activities such as walking and sitting. There is great demand for hip replacement doctors in India.

This surgery was first performed in 1960 and is one of the most successful techniques of surgery in medical history. Ever since then, improvements in technology and techniques have raised the effectiveness of   this type of surgery.

Anatomy of The Hip:

The hip is a ball and socket joint, one of the largest joints of the body. A portion of the big pelvis bone or acetabulum forms the socket. The ball is the femoral head that is the upper end of the thigh bone (femur). The hip joint is surrounded by a thin tissue called as synovial membrane. In a healthy condition, this membrane creates a small amount of fluid which provides lubrication to the cartilage and removes all friction during movement of hips. Ligaments or bands of tissue connect socket to the ball and makes the joint stable.

Causes of Chronic Hip Pain:

·         Osteoarthritis: There is wearing away of cartilage that cushions the bones. The bones rub against each other, resulting in stiffness and hip pain.

·         Rheumatoid arthritis: It is an auto-immune condition in which synovial membrane becomes thick and inflamed.  This inflammation causes stiffness and pain.

·         Post-traumatic arthritis: This starts from a serious hip fracture or injury.

·         Avascular necrosis: blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted by fracture or dislocation in the hip.
·         Childhood hip disease: some infants may face hip problems.

What Is Hip Replacement?

In a complete hip replacement, the damaged cartilage and bone is removed and substituted with prosthetic components. Prosthetics are made of plastic, metal or ceramic.

Who Needs Hip Replacement?

The decision for hip replacement must be made by you in consultation with your primary doctor and referred orthopaedic surgeon. Decisions are not based on age but on disability and pain. Main candidates for surgery are those:

·         who have hip pain during daily tasks like bending and walking.

·         Who have hip pain in even postures of rest

·         Stiff hips that hinder movement of legs

·         Lack of pain relief from anti-inflammatory drugs, walking supports or physical therapy.


Readiness for surgery will be decided by evaluations such as physical examination, medical history and X-rays. Evaluation can be done by hip replacement specialist in India.

Two Methods:

Hip replacement surgery can be done in two ways- traditional as well as minimally invasive methods. The two methods differ in size of incisions made. The traditional method uses one incision of 8 to 10 inch along the side of the hip. Minimally invasive technique uses two cuts of 2 to 5 inches long. The small cuts reduce loss of blood, time of healing, length of hospital stay and speeds up recovery.


One can move on the day of surgery and you can begin physical therapy from the next day by which you can walk using a cane or a crutch. Hospital stay may be for 4 to 6 days but physical therapy lasts for a few weeks or months. Apart from bending and squatting, one can do all light activities within weeks.

This is in sum, the nature of hip replacement surgery.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

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Why Do You Need To Renovate The Roofing Of Your House?

The roofer is the construction worker that works on the roofing system of your house of office. From designing the roof to developing and maintaining it, everything is his job. The roofing system of a building is the second stone of foundation for the building after the pillar. Thus a roofing of a building is very important and one should be careful about maintaining it.

How Is The Roof Replacement Done?

There are a lot of materials that you can sue to renovate and remodel the roofing of your place or rebuilt it in a better way. Items like single ply rubber, PVC, rubber shingles, Wood shakes, Glass, Clay and solar tiles are used as roof replacement materials. Redesigning a roof by making it into a living roof system or a rooftop landscape also comes under developing a roof. Whether you need to work the whole roof or a part of the roof, involving the professionals of this field is the best way.

What Are The Roof Repairing Options That You Can Avail?

At the same time repairing a damaged roof is also very important. Once you notice even a small crack or a leakage in your roof, you should get help. The professionals of this field will help you get the best roofing system by treating your roof for a leakage or by water proofing it. Even they provide services like caulking or adding aluminium gutters to make additional enhancements to your roof for developing it.

The Necessity For The Roof Inspection

When any area undergoes several climatic changes throughout the year the roofing systems of the houses of that area is affected. Thus getting the roof checked of your house is necessary. The result will make you aware of the weaknesses that the roofing of your house has so that you can get them repaired before any severe damage occurs. With the help of the Roof Inspection Services in Clearwater, Palm Harbour FL many houses are protected from the drastic climatic changes and the various natural phenomenon.

Thus if your roof is damaged suddenly you needn’t worry. If you contact then you will receive the services that you can’t complain of and will be very pleased with. 
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Friday, 21 October 2016

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Exploring the glorious historical landmarks of Indore

Indore is known for its building wonder. The stories of the immense past are depicted by these stunning authentic purposes of interest and cast a phenomenal spell on the guests. Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar was an engineering aficionado and spent an amazing measure of cash on the change of different sanctuaries the country over. The ruler is taken in astounding viewpoint by the general open and as a tribute her statue was implicit the focal point of the city, near Rajwada. Next to being an old city, Indore is besides the business capital of Madhya Pradesh. Check the 18234 running status and go to investigate these astounding spots situated in the city of indore.

Khajrana Ganesh Mandir: The sanctuary was organized by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. This safe house is one of the watched Hindu sanctuaries of India. For the most part on Wednesday and Sunday gigantic measure of individuals visit the sanctuary for offering petitions. As demonstrated by a near to conviction, every one of the desires of the lovers are satisfied, once they revere in this sanctuary. The primary celebration of this shelter is vinayaka chathurthi and was held in enormous course in the month of August and September. The shelter is required to be controlled by the lawmaking body.

Sarafa Bazaar: Makers of standard Indian savories and desserts, and now the Western snacks additionally, line up their stands/trucks outside every gems shop – their places stay balanced. The relationship of this road nourishment market (yes, you read it right) just permits businesspeople, and just vegan individuals. There are some for the span of the day persevering eateries additionally, offering snacks and baked goods, in addition a burger joint (bhojnalay) serving full dinners !!

Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga: Omkareshwar is a respected town engineered at a unit of 77 km from Indore. It gets its name from the blessed Hindu picture of Om. The spot is an enterprise site, as there are diverse Hindu refuge and Jain sanctuaries masterminded here. It is on an exceptionally essential level an island, fit as a fiddle of Om, on the change of the waterways Kaveri and Narmada. The island is separated into north and south by a critical chasm and is related by a stage. Omkareshwar is thought to be one of the holiest Hindu territories in the country. This is an immediate aftereffect of the closeness of the Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve in India. Jyotirlinga is known as the lingam of light.


Rajwada: The Rajwada is the present habitation of the Holkars. It was constructed around two centuries back and is masterminded close to the Chhatris in the fundamental square. The new chateau is on the northern side, while the old great home stays in the old part of the town. The old fortification is a multi-storied building which in like way serves as a passage of the Rajwada. It stays amongst the swarmed lanes of the Kajuri Bazar and is considered as the key square of the city.

The rundown said will help you get nearer with the city as this spots are of shifted sorts which include sanctuaries and additionally strongholds. In the event that you have booked a holding up rundown ticket and check the 18234 running status for the train ticket booking.

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Some of The Best Tools to Have to Make Your Garage Complete

If you are thinking of opening a car workshop or a garage, then you need to be very careful about the initial steps you take when you are just starting. These initial steps can be a great factor defining the success of your venture. One of the most important aspects for your garage to be successful is the types of tools and equipment you have in your garage. In order to provide the best services to your clients you need to ensure that you have all the essential tools that can help you in providing everything your clients expect from you. Here is a list of essential equipment, tools and gadgets that you must have in your workshop for best service provision to your clients.

Compressed Air System

A compression air system is essential for your workshop as you need to frequently inflate and deflate the tires of vehicles. Without an efficient compressed air system, your workshop can never be completed. You need to keep a check on the air system and make sure that it is always working properly.


 Most of the times, you need to work under the hood and also you need to go under the vehicle. This will need you to lift the vehicle to a bit higher level. For easy lifting of the vehicle you will need a jack. You need to keep several numbers of jacks in your workshop for easy working so that you always have some fee jacks when new vehicle comes in to your workshop. There are several different types of jacks available in the market that are screw jack, hydraulic jacks, pneumatic jacks and so forth.

Hydraulic Lifts

When you need to lift a vehicle to a higher height then you need to use a high power hydraulic lift. These lifts can help you in lifting the vehicles efficiently without putting much effort in it. You will need them when you need to work under the vehicle for a long time.

High Pressure Washing System

Of course, if you are repairing a vehicle, you will want to deliver it clean to your clients. A high pressure washing system can be very efficient in washing of the vehicles and get the desired cleanliness. The washing system consist of a compressor, water pumps and different types of nozzles.

Wheel Alignment System

A computerized wheel alignment system is something that can be used for testing the wheel alignment of the vehicles in very less time and can ensure the best accuracy of the analysis. The system not only tests the accuracy of alignment but also helps in correcting it with great accuracy and precision.


Without tools, you cannot work in a garage. There is a vast variety of tools required in a garage to ensure smooth and effaced working in the workshop. These tools include ratchets, wrenches, torque wrenches, pliers, grippers and many others.

With the help of these tools and equipment, you can rest assured that you will be able to provide the best services to the clients that approach you. 
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Design your own website now!

Website templates are pre designed websites in which you can add your own content, images, layout and videos and customize it as you wish to. You can design websites for your company for free and as you like it to be. In short you can call them web pages that are built in advance and to produce dynamic web pages in demand. I can assume it is hectic to build and design a website from the start but there is good news for you, you can use the already designed web templates and create your own. Now creating websites will not be an issue as you have free templates available you just have to put your own content. There are various types of web design templates which you can use to create yours; some of them are as below.

Real Estate Agency Templates: If you own a real estate agency and want a website of your own so you can simply click on this template and define one of your own real estate websites and publish it. Help people find property for themselves. You might find it hectic to build a website all from the scratch but by using these templates you just have to customize them as you like.

Summer Camp Website Templates: Do you want to attract the kids to join your summer camp in these vacations? Build your own website using summer camp website template and let them know how you can entertain them by your joyful activities. You just need to put the details and images of your own and enjoy publishing it for the kids and their parents.

Interior Design Agency: If you own an interior design agency and want to attract your customers to hire you for decorating their house amazingly beautiful so just click on this template available and customize it according to your own needs and start satisfying your customers with your astounding services.

Musician Templates: Are you a music lover? And want the world to know you through your voice? Use this website template design to show your talent to everyone and be famous! You can also use this template to build a website on which you can upload your amazing collection of songs and let others listen and enjoy it too. Or you can just listen to music collections of other and add them in your own music library.

Consulting and Coaching: Are you good at giving expert advices? This template can help you building a website where you can use your skills and exchange expert advices on various categories of problems and guide them to the best. Whether it is in the education, sports or job related thing you can guide people to choose the best option for them. You can also have teaching and coaching sessions on the websites which can help the students in their field and studies. You just have to add your own content, audios and videos and here you go, your website will be ready. These website template designs are made just for your convenience, once you get started with it, it will make your life much easier than it was before.

Now you can design your own website in less time and just the way you want.
Author Bio:

Asghar Paracha is a digital marketing expert from Dubai, UAE and these days he is working for, which has a Hug team of android developers in Dubai to offer Android, IPhone and Mobile Apps development services.

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Obtain Antigua citizenship by investment in film industry

You must have heard a lot about the ultimate benefits of obtaining citizenship of a foreign country. Primary benefits of dual citizenship include increased investment opportunities, greater security and complete freedom to travel across the word. In the case of political and economic disturbance, you don’t have to wait for months to obtain a visa to relocate. All you need is to pack up your luggage and fly to your second home. If these benefits excite you, then Caribbean countries can offer you the best opportunities.

Antigua is the chain of the island located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean region. The two main islands of Antigua and Barbuda contribute in the majority of the land area and population. Perfect geographical location and excellent weather have also made it a desirable tourism spot. Good news is that you can easily become a citizen after applying for Antigua citizenship by investment

How to obtain economic citizenship?

The traditional process includes making a non-refundable contribution of US$200,000 in a National Development for a family with four members.  Or you can also purchase a real estate property in an approved real estate with a minimum of US$400,000. Moreover, you are supposed to maintain the ownership at least for 5 years. If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to expand his business into the international market can enjoy double benefits after establishing a business with a minimum investment of US$1.5 million. After making this investment, you will be given local native rights to live and work in the territory.

How film financing enable you to gain the economic citizenship?

If you ever think to become the part of movie production, then this will be the perfect opportunity to make this dream come true. At the start of this year, State Government of Antigua has decided to fund a homegrown movie Caribbean movie, which is based on the life of music legend Bob Marley via financing receives from wealthy angel investors. After investing minimum funds of US$410,000 into the film, you will be eligible to apply for economic citizenship. Generally, governments offer such privileges to investors against funding infrastructure development in the country. This offer is kind of an innovative method that enables financiers to gain the nationality after funding the movie.

What is the reason for making such a unique offer?

The reason is none other than Bob Marley, who passed in 1981. He used to be the most influential musicians of his time. His unquestionable efforts to brought reggae to an international level made him the true symbol of Caribbean music and spirit. Golden Islands Film works Ltd. is an Antigua-based movie production house is working on this project. Whereas the title of the movie Rebels: The Legend of Bob Marley is self-explaining the theme of this movie. The reputed filmmaker has worked with several leading producers and produced some award-winning movies like Mission Impossible Four and Crash. The good reputation of this movie production house drags attention of government officials to utilise this platform to attract more wealthy investors in the country.

Summary: You are free to choose any of these investment platforms to gain financial citizenship in Antigua to gain the rights to live in the country like a native.

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Plastic surgery among the adolescents: Important things to consider

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) brilliantly shed some light on plastic surgery and why certain teenagers undergo this procedure. The reasons or symptoms are rather different than those of the adults and to our surprise; adolescents simply prefer such treatment to look good among their peers and to be accepted in the society. Adults, on the contrary, prefer the surgery to stand out of the crowd.

ASPS also revealed that in 2013, above 200,000 youngsters of 19 years underwent either major or minor plastic surgical procedures. For some, it was simply to correct a physical defect or alter a particular area of the body that were initially causing discomfort.

Examples can be of teenage boys with excess chest tissue; known as Gynecomastia that don’t go away over time or with weight loss. It means the only solution is plasticsurgery but only after consulting a surgeon.Laser treatment may be preferred to lessen the appearance of a certain birthmark.

Others simply turn to the surgical procedure just to augment their appearances and to make their way into the society. This is common with teenagers especially otoplasty (pinning back of the ears with surgery) or dermabrasion (procedure to camouflage or smooth severe acne scars). Patients feel more comfortable and confident with their looks after the procedure.

Ear surgery, nose reshaping, acne, breast/chest reduction and scar treatment are typical among the youths.

Factors to consider

If you’re going for plastic surgery anytime soon, here’re a few factors worth considering;
-          Almost everyone especially teenagers are far more conscious about their physique and prefer altering it from specific areas for perfection. Be honest with yourself before undergoing the surgical procedure and only proceed after consulting the surgeon.
-          Human body changes overtime and the procedure is natural. This “change” accelerates when one reaches their teenage and may cause some abnormal growth and body proportions due to several reasons. It’s possible that what you think is a big nose is just the right size after doctor’s consultation and it may even out as physical features change further.
-          Even some of the most prominent plastic surgeons across the world referappropriate diet and exercise to their patients that can bring miraculous results, far better than the procedure itself. Liposuction or gastric bypass is some quick fixes but being surgical procedures, doctor’s consultation is a must.
-          People’s emotions play a significant role in how they think of themselves. Severely depressed, self-critical and pessimistic-minded individuals may get carried away with their looks, believing that plastic surgery is the only solution that can help them overcome their fears.

The right approach

As a teenager, always consult with your parents or a senior family member with whom you’re comfortable talking to. Arrange a meeting with the surgeon and heed whatever he says about the pre and post factors following the treatment.Healing takes time so you must be patient. Since there’s no denying the cost factor, you need to be extra careful and firm when taking a decision.


In recent years, cosmetic surgical industry experienced rapid transformation with theintegration ofadvanced and safer technologies.
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Top 5 sports events coming to Dubai this October 2016

If you’re a true sports freak, Dubai brings the real thrill of various sporting events that’ll surelyinject the adrenaline and leave you baffled! We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting events coming to the city in October 2016 that you shouldn’t miss. Read on!

1.     FINA Swimming World Cup

The sun-drenched pools and sands of Dubai serve as a perfect backdrop to the thrilling FINA Swimming World Cup. World-classdrivers from the UAE and countries around the globe would participate in the two-day series to cool you off.

FINA is internationally recognised and a governing body of water sports such as swimming, diving, synchronised swimming, open-water swimming and water polo. The circuit is organised in clusters across more or less eight different locations within the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The prize money distribution limit is set at $2 million the US.

The second congregation of the Swimming World Cup 2016 is about to be hosted by Dubai at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

2.     Pakistan v/s West Indies test match

It’ll be the day long remembered! The World Twenty20 match to be played in Dubai from October 13th to 17th between the West Indies and Pakistan would burn the field; truly worth watching. Now this particular Test Match Series would mark a historic moment when both the teams, for the first time will play day and night match. In ICC Test Match history, this will be the second day and night test match.

3.     The Dubai Muscle Show

Witness the ultimate power showdown in the one and only Dubai Muscle Show! It’s the only international fitness and bodybuilding event to attract more than 10,000 fitness enthusiasts from around the world. This year, the event will take place on October 21st and 22nd at the Dubai International Marine Club. The venue is just perfect, exhibiting world’s leading nutritional and fitness brands, educational seminars from renowned athletes and leading philosophers in the industry.

4.     The Desert Warrior Challenge

The Desert Warrior Challenge returns to Dubai and all set for new challenges you’ve witnessed so far! With every jump, run, crawl and climb, your heartbeat would pump with twice the speed and you’ll be engulfed with adrenaline. The course has been carefully strategized to challenge physical stamina, cognitive determination, team spirit and overall fitness.

Now is the time to start training harder and unleash that dormant superhero of yours. Bring along some of your enthusiastic friends for a well-deserved fun this October. For cute little warriors, there’ll be a Junior Course whereas you can register for the event now to avail early bird discounts.

5.     The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finale

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has all it takes to raise a new level of excitement! The high diving competition would take place among the world’s most incredible vistas so that participants along with spectators can live the daredevil’s fantasy. As the show reaches its climax at the season finale following the 2016 series, Pier 7 at the Dubai Marina will be used as sportsman’s platform.


For an event planner in Abu Dhabi, the above details would prove valuable as well as a chance to witness some of the most electrifying sports.
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Friday, 14 October 2016

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These Latest Parties You Should Not Miss in Bangalore

Bangalore, the city with an evergreen spirit for exuberance, remains always full of dashing parties and DJ sessions. Though the city is known mostly for the IT hubs and other mercantile advancements, Bangalore is a city that can easily win your heart with its unpredictably lovable disposition. 

The nightlife in Bangalore is full of life and vigour as there are many happening parties that keep taking place in various hotels and well-known Discos in the city. If you are still clueless about all these activities and want to be a part of these parties, take note. Here, we are going to provide you an account of the some of the fabulous parties that are going to take place in Bangalore. Keep reading. 

•    Sanctum’s Wednesday Party: On Wednesday, 26th October, Sanctum Hotel is going to throw a party for the all the party animals out there with DJ Anjan and Krish Hart going to rock the crowd. This party goes for all the ladies out there who loves to let their hair down and dance to their heat’s delight. There is no entry fee. Also, the party starts from 8pm till 11pm. Do not forget to attend this! 

•    Progworks on Wheels, Music Festival: Arranged by the famous Humming Trees, the Progworks on Wheels is a music show where the good, soulful and authentic music will be played and performed for the delight of the music-lovers. The entry fee is just Rs300/-. This year, two bands, Coshish from Mumbai and Rainburn from Bengaluru are going to perform at the show with many other local bands jamming in on the show. If you are up for good music, go for this. The program begins at 9pm. 

•    Donn Bhat’s Musical Treat:On Friday, 28th October, Humming Tree is going to organize a gala musical festival where Donn Bhat, an internationally famed vocal artist and music composer is going to perform. The program starts from 3pm and the entry fee is Rs500/- for each. Also there will be passenger Revelator who will be performing along with Donn Bhat. You are definitely going to enjoy the show, that’s guaranteed. 

•    Spooktacular Halloween Party: R Fitness Solutions is going to organize a Halloween Party because the wait is over and it is time to spook your friends with your inventive Halloween dresses. The party’s going to be a mind-blowing one as the organizers have assured that those who will be providing no fun with their dresses, would be considered as bad dresser and wait! There will be prizes for those also. So wait not and do not forget to miss this party by any means! 

•    Music Album Launch at Red Bull:  At Humming Tree, Bangalore, the Red Bull Events is going to launch KetanBahirat’s second musical album, ‘Tribes’. A treat to the music lovers, Ketan is famous world-wide for the mélange that he creates in his melodies. The program is going to take place on Saturday, 29th October from 10pm. Do attend!
So here goes the itinerary for your upcoming weekends to make it more happening, more enjoyable. Which one are you going to opt for?
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