Friday, 14 October 2016

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Easy Air Travel via Easy Jet!

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The two words combined make experienced travellers cringe and make novice fliers nervous. News programs feature airplanes stranded near runways for hours, full of desperate passengers missing connections and meetings and meals. Airfares fluctuate and extra fees escalate, causing us to wonder how prices are determined and suspect we are getting suckered. Every frequent flier has a horror story about missing and damaged luggage. One must wonder how airlines stay in business.

 While it is true that bad things happen to good air travellers, statistics reveal timely service, fare bargains, and nearly perfect baggage handling are the norm. If all air travel experiences were as dismal as portrayed, the industry could not sustain the vast network of routes spanning the globe, a synchronized air ballet of schedules, equipment, and service that strives to balance customer expectations and government regulations while earning a profit.

Instead of the ancient motto, “buyer beware”, it is suggested to consider a new philosophy: “flier, be aware”. Be aware of the ways you can make your air journey joyful, or at least less stressful, with a thorough knowledge of the air travel process. The next time you need to fly, the information here will enable you to prepare for all contingencies.

Air travel is a way of life for some people, a once in a lifetime adventure for others. No longer is it the sole domain of wealthy ‘jet setters’. Thanks to discount airlines and fare wars, most of us can afford an occasional trip. Air travel is the fastest, safest method devised by man to cover a lot of ground fast. Whether you are a frequent flier, an occasional flier, or a first time flier,

Within here, air travellers will learn the art of purchasing airline tickets and why it pays to book your ticket in advance; offered is an in depth look at what to pack in your carryon bag and information about checking bags ; you will learn how to navigate an airport, including TSA checkpoints. We will find out why the plane makes those nerve-wracking noises. Real life experiences gleaned from twelve years in the air travel industry illustrate the information. All information is current at the time of publication and all anecdotes are one hundred percent true, except where noted.

This is not an airline industry exposé. Despite captivating ads seen online, airlines do not conceal secret information to swindle customers. Airlines provide all information about their policies and fares if you look for it or ask for it. There is much of that information, tells you how it affects your trip, and where to locate more information. Airlines prefer knowledgeable passengers. Prepared passengers save money for themselves and save airlines money too.

They know an understanding of the air travel process is crucial when snags occur. People who refuse to use computers, who prefer long hold times on the phone and long lines at the airport in order to be served by “a real person ”, or believe that the personal touch ensures they are getting their money’s worth will find the information helpful too. Managing your own travel experience is much easier than you may realize. In case if you wish to plan your air travel, get in touch with EasyJet contact number.


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