Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Obtain Antigua citizenship by investment in film industry

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You must have heard a lot about the ultimate benefits of obtaining citizenship of a foreign country. Primary benefits of dual citizenship include increased investment opportunities, greater security and complete freedom to travel across the word. In the case of political and economic disturbance, you don’t have to wait for months to obtain a visa to relocate. All you need is to pack up your luggage and fly to your second home. If these benefits excite you, then Caribbean countries can offer you the best opportunities.

Antigua is the chain of the island located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean region. The two main islands of Antigua and Barbuda contribute in the majority of the land area and population. Perfect geographical location and excellent weather have also made it a desirable tourism spot. Good news is that you can easily become a citizen after applying for Antigua citizenship by investment

How to obtain economic citizenship?

The traditional process includes making a non-refundable contribution of US$200,000 in a National Development for a family with four members.  Or you can also purchase a real estate property in an approved real estate with a minimum of US$400,000. Moreover, you are supposed to maintain the ownership at least for 5 years. If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to expand his business into the international market can enjoy double benefits after establishing a business with a minimum investment of US$1.5 million. After making this investment, you will be given local native rights to live and work in the territory.

How film financing enable you to gain the economic citizenship?

If you ever think to become the part of movie production, then this will be the perfect opportunity to make this dream come true. At the start of this year, State Government of Antigua has decided to fund a homegrown movie Caribbean movie, which is based on the life of music legend Bob Marley via financing receives from wealthy angel investors. After investing minimum funds of US$410,000 into the film, you will be eligible to apply for economic citizenship. Generally, governments offer such privileges to investors against funding infrastructure development in the country. This offer is kind of an innovative method that enables financiers to gain the nationality after funding the movie.

What is the reason for making such a unique offer?

The reason is none other than Bob Marley, who passed in 1981. He used to be the most influential musicians of his time. His unquestionable efforts to brought reggae to an international level made him the true symbol of Caribbean music and spirit. Golden Islands Film works Ltd. is an Antigua-based movie production house is working on this project. Whereas the title of the movie Rebels: The Legend of Bob Marley is self-explaining the theme of this movie. The reputed filmmaker has worked with several leading producers and produced some award-winning movies like Mission Impossible Four and Crash. The good reputation of this movie production house drags attention of government officials to utilise this platform to attract more wealthy investors in the country.

Summary: You are free to choose any of these investment platforms to gain financial citizenship in Antigua to gain the rights to live in the country like a native.


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