Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Plastic surgery among the adolescents: Important things to consider

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) brilliantly shed some light on plastic surgery and why certain teenagers undergo this procedure. The reasons or symptoms are rather different than those of the adults and to our surprise; adolescents simply prefer such treatment to look good among their peers and to be accepted in the society. Adults, on the contrary, prefer the surgery to stand out of the crowd.

ASPS also revealed that in 2013, above 200,000 youngsters of 19 years underwent either major or minor plastic surgical procedures. For some, it was simply to correct a physical defect or alter a particular area of the body that were initially causing discomfort.

Examples can be of teenage boys with excess chest tissue; known as Gynecomastia that don’t go away over time or with weight loss. It means the only solution is plasticsurgery but only after consulting a surgeon.Laser treatment may be preferred to lessen the appearance of a certain birthmark.

Others simply turn to the surgical procedure just to augment their appearances and to make their way into the society. This is common with teenagers especially otoplasty (pinning back of the ears with surgery) or dermabrasion (procedure to camouflage or smooth severe acne scars). Patients feel more comfortable and confident with their looks after the procedure.

Ear surgery, nose reshaping, acne, breast/chest reduction and scar treatment are typical among the youths.

Factors to consider

If you’re going for plastic surgery anytime soon, here’re a few factors worth considering;
-          Almost everyone especially teenagers are far more conscious about their physique and prefer altering it from specific areas for perfection. Be honest with yourself before undergoing the surgical procedure and only proceed after consulting the surgeon.
-          Human body changes overtime and the procedure is natural. This “change” accelerates when one reaches their teenage and may cause some abnormal growth and body proportions due to several reasons. It’s possible that what you think is a big nose is just the right size after doctor’s consultation and it may even out as physical features change further.
-          Even some of the most prominent plastic surgeons across the world referappropriate diet and exercise to their patients that can bring miraculous results, far better than the procedure itself. Liposuction or gastric bypass is some quick fixes but being surgical procedures, doctor’s consultation is a must.
-          People’s emotions play a significant role in how they think of themselves. Severely depressed, self-critical and pessimistic-minded individuals may get carried away with their looks, believing that plastic surgery is the only solution that can help them overcome their fears.

The right approach

As a teenager, always consult with your parents or a senior family member with whom you’re comfortable talking to. Arrange a meeting with the surgeon and heed whatever he says about the pre and post factors following the treatment.Healing takes time so you must be patient. Since there’s no denying the cost factor, you need to be extra careful and firm when taking a decision.


In recent years, cosmetic surgical industry experienced rapid transformation with theintegration ofadvanced and safer technologies.


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