Friday, 7 October 2016

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Take A Trip to Nawalgarh If You Are a Fresco Lover

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A town where you can find almost all possible colors blended in the beautiful patterns; Nawalgarh is a dream city for the people who love fresco. The traditional patterns of ancient royal havelis mesmerize the eyes of the viewer. Michelangelo would have fallen in love with these if he had seen the designs of the Havelis of Nawalgarh.

This simple city in Rajasthan holds some of the greatest architectural wonders of Indian culture. The vast entrance doors, amazing courtyards, and the rooms of these Havelis tell the story of the ancient kings of Rajasthan. Most of these structures have the same pattern of buildings; the only thing that changes is the designs and frescoes on the walls and ceilings. It is like different artists painted their story of their kings and the culture of Rajasthan in these Havelis.

The patterns of these frescoes vary and present different aspects of the Rajasthan culture. From their kings and daily life to the festivals of the region, there is nothing, which one would not find in these frescoes. Even some heritage hotels in Rajasthan have used these patterns to complement the culture of the region.

Here are some of the frescoes of the city that would stay in your mind forever, once you have seen them.

1. The Ramayana and Mahabharatha fresco of Koolwal Haveli

The frescoes of this Haveli are one hundred and forty years old. But don’t think that the effect has faded. Not at all! The beautiful frescoes on the walls of this architectural wonder depict the mythological scenes of the Ramayana and The Mahabharata. The detailing of the paintings would take more than two hours just to go through all of them. In addition, if the visitor wants to really admire them, he needs to stay for more than half of a day.

2. Paintings of Jesus Christ in Muraraka Haveli

Within the massive wooden gates of Muraraka Haveli, one can find the beautiful paintings of Jesus Christ. It is the only Haveli in Shekhawati, which has paintings of Jesus Christ. However, some scenes of royal processions and pictures of folk heroes also induce the prestige of this Haveli.

3. Festival frescoes of Poddar Haveli

There are almost seven hundred and fifty frescoes inside this Haveli. Most of them depict the scenes of Indian and local Rajasthani festivals such as Teej, Gangaur, and many others. This is the best place to understand the culture of Rajasthan along with the colorful history that holds amazing customs. The people, the society, their habits are some of the many things that this Haveli offers to its visitors.

4. Chokhani Haveli

Though it is much simpler as compared to the other ones, Chokhani Haveli can be said to be a mini-art gallery of the area that is worth a visit.

These are the ones, which you should visit while you are in the city and be staying at one of the comfortable resorts in RajasthanThese places will let you take some of the best photographs of your life.


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