Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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The pros and the cons of portable toilet tents

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Camping is something that families and friends love to engage from time to time. Some are patient about trekking and go trekking and camping on hard to cover routes, while some like to keep it simple, covering comparatively easier trekking routes and camping in less hostile and more comfortable areas. Whichever might be your choice of camping and trekking, you cannot do it without a tent.

Living in a tent can seem to be a little difficult, but if you know the right hacks, then you can make your tent stay almost as convenient as staying at home! The main problem that people grapple with is the toilet. While camping, people generally head out to the woods. Apart from having the risk of catching infections like Urinary Tract Infection, going unsupervised after sunset can turn out to be trouble in disguise. So, how does one steer clear of this problem? Use a portable camping bathroom tent!

What is a portable bathroom tent?

These are most chemical toilets whose liquid, chemicals and the structure needed for setting it up can be carried from one place to another in a car. Once you reach the campsite you have to assemble it, following the given instructions and you will have a chemical toilet ready for your use! This makes answering to nature’s call late at night and early in the morning much easier.

Many people do not step out for camping without these portable bathroom camping tents, whereas a few others have tried it but have stopped using it! There are both advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to using this type of tents. If you are planning to buy them, then you should have an idea about both sides of the coin:

Some advantages of these portable bathroom tents

First and foremost, these campsites are the perfect place to catch a host of infections, which the use of a chemical portable toilet can very easily tackle and reduce significantly.

It becomes easier to go to the toilet even at odd hours, like at night and early in the morning and that too unsupervised.

This is something that every family that goes camping should have, especially with kids.
These tents also have the option of attaching outside shower tent and hence you can also indulge in a bath or two during your camping trip and clean up all the dirt that you might have gathered while trekking.

Overall this is a rather safe and secure option.

Some disadvantagesof these portable bathroom tents

One of the major disadvantages that these tents have is that if they are used by a large number of people, they tend to get really smelly.

These need to be cleaned out from time to time and you need proper dumping sites for that. In fact, they get filled up very fast when used regularly by say a family of 5-6 members.

These tents take up a lot of space in your car which you might want to use for carrying something more exciting.

While carrying the tent back from the trip, a yet to cleaned tent, always has the risk of leaking!

So, whether you want one and don’t need one, is a call that you should take based on your needs and preferences!


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