Friday, 14 October 2016

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These Latest Parties You Should Not Miss in Bangalore

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Bangalore, the city with an evergreen spirit for exuberance, remains always full of dashing parties and DJ sessions. Though the city is known mostly for the IT hubs and other mercantile advancements, Bangalore is a city that can easily win your heart with its unpredictably lovable disposition. 

The nightlife in Bangalore is full of life and vigour as there are many happening parties that keep taking place in various hotels and well-known Discos in the city. If you are still clueless about all these activities and want to be a part of these parties, take note. Here, we are going to provide you an account of the some of the fabulous parties that are going to take place in Bangalore. Keep reading. 

•    Sanctum’s Wednesday Party: On Wednesday, 26th October, Sanctum Hotel is going to throw a party for the all the party animals out there with DJ Anjan and Krish Hart going to rock the crowd. This party goes for all the ladies out there who loves to let their hair down and dance to their heat’s delight. There is no entry fee. Also, the party starts from 8pm till 11pm. Do not forget to attend this! 

•    Progworks on Wheels, Music Festival: Arranged by the famous Humming Trees, the Progworks on Wheels is a music show where the good, soulful and authentic music will be played and performed for the delight of the music-lovers. The entry fee is just Rs300/-. This year, two bands, Coshish from Mumbai and Rainburn from Bengaluru are going to perform at the show with many other local bands jamming in on the show. If you are up for good music, go for this. The program begins at 9pm. 

•    Donn Bhat’s Musical Treat:On Friday, 28th October, Humming Tree is going to organize a gala musical festival where Donn Bhat, an internationally famed vocal artist and music composer is going to perform. The program starts from 3pm and the entry fee is Rs500/- for each. Also there will be passenger Revelator who will be performing along with Donn Bhat. You are definitely going to enjoy the show, that’s guaranteed. 

•    Spooktacular Halloween Party: R Fitness Solutions is going to organize a Halloween Party because the wait is over and it is time to spook your friends with your inventive Halloween dresses. The party’s going to be a mind-blowing one as the organizers have assured that those who will be providing no fun with their dresses, would be considered as bad dresser and wait! There will be prizes for those also. So wait not and do not forget to miss this party by any means! 

•    Music Album Launch at Red Bull:  At Humming Tree, Bangalore, the Red Bull Events is going to launch KetanBahirat’s second musical album, ‘Tribes’. A treat to the music lovers, Ketan is famous world-wide for the mélange that he creates in his melodies. The program is going to take place on Saturday, 29th October from 10pm. Do attend!
So here goes the itinerary for your upcoming weekends to make it more happening, more enjoyable. Which one are you going to opt for?


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