Thursday, 6 October 2016

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Tips to buy the best tent for you

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Camping is a fun hobby that many people love to do. For some people camping is a hobby, while for others it is a passion. Camping in a deserted area or a jungle sounds fun, but it is equally dangerous. There are many obstacles for camping such as wild animals, insects, rain, wind and thieves. Staying away from all these obstacles is a tough task. For safety, a sturdy and good quality tent comes to your rescue.

If at all you plan to go camping, the first thing that you ought to buy is a tent. A nice tent will keep you comfortable in the wild and will also protect you. Many people make the mistake of buying the wrong tents and then repent it all their life. You are spending a significant amount of money on your tents, so they better be good and serve their purpose. Let us look into a few tips that are necessary while purchasing a tent –

Size –

The size of the tent is the most basic thing that you should think about while buying a tent. How many people are going camping? How many of you will be sleeping inside the tent? Will you invite any guests? Are you taking your pet with you? These are some basic questions that you should answer in your mind before going tent shopping. It is suggested that you choose a tent with some additional space left just in case you have any visitors.

Purpose –

While buying a tent, you will have to keep in mind its purpose. Different tents serve different purposes. While a small tent is only to take shelter, the bigger ones are for overnight staying. They will be larger so that you can lie down and sleep. A shower tent is for you to take bath. You can find single room shower tents and also 2 room shower tent. There are tents which also contain changing room, living room, bed room and kitchen. The selection of a tent depends on what you will be using your tent for.

Seasonal tent –

Usually, the tents are made according to the seasons that they are supposed to be used in. A three season tent is used in 3 seasons, spring, summer and fall. Such tents are equipped with sufficient mesh panels so there is ample air flow. Also, they keep the insects at bay. The tents can withstand strong winds and downpours. A four season tent can also be used in summers along with the other three seasons.

These are some points that you should keep in mind while buying a tent. With the right tent in your hands, you are now ready to go camping. Just make sure you pack, unpack and maintain your tent in the right way. After all, the tent should be used for many years to come. It is going to be a witness of your adventures for several years. So, maintain it with great care whether it is a simple overnight tent or a best camping shower tent make sure you handle it with care. 


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