Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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Top-Notch Home Decorating Ideas for a Flat near Garia South Kolkata

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Have you bought a new flat near Garia South Kolkata? Then you must be having several things to decide upon, right from what type of furniture to bring to what colour to use for each room. When you have spent so much for your new home, now everything you do, must be within a budget. Think something, which is not just creative but out of the box as well. Here below are some of the most creative and inexpensive ways to adorn your apartment.   

Use Shower Curtains, Floating Hangers and Mirror Trays

No, these are not any magic tricks, though all these words sound magical. In fact, these are a part of a creative idea, which will help you decorate your flat on a budget. When some save spaces, others look for beautiful things, which serve as an inspiration. Needless to say that, a shower curtain for the windows, mirror trays and floating hangers add style to your flat. For example, floating hangers not only add an extra dimension to the rooms but also help you choose your outfit without wasting time.

Use Wall Pictures

Are you worried about your empty walls? Just relax because the idea of using wall pictures has come up as a wonderful idea. You do not really need to shell out cash here. Collect some of your photos, arrange them in your own unique way and place them on the wall.   
If you are good in painting, then treat it as an advantage in decorating the walls. Of course, you do not require being a professional artist to sketch an art. It can be something very casual yet attractive to draw attention. Then frame the sketches and put the same on the walls to give a different look.

Use Branch Bundles

Soon after summers, we tend to brace the colder months. We bid farewell to all the flower markets and accordingly start preparing our own gardens for hibernation. So, when you decide to decorate your house, make use of the bark or bare bones, which is not just affordable but readily available. In fact, during winters, you find an abundance of branches and bark right outside your home. Collect the branch bundles to beautify your new flat near Garia South Kolkata.
If you are unsure on how to use the bark or bare bones, then just gather the fallen branches and place them in one of the spacious corners of your room to create an automatic visual interest. Make sure that there is enough light to brighten up the bark, thereby, making the entire room beautiful. 

Use Wine Bottles

Did you know that wine bottles could be recycled? In fact, they can be used as one of the best home decors. You can go ahead with simple ideas like filling the bottle with pebbles and sands and use it as a creative display on the table. You can also decorate and customize the wine bottles as a lampshade. Paint the bottles and make them the ideal showpieces for your home. 


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