Thursday, 10 November 2016

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How to photograph new born babies?

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New-born are lovely creatures who have a charm of their own. May be because their soul is pure, or may be because they are untouched by the negativity of life yet, the babies reflect pure magic in their eyes and smile. Such wonderful moments must be captured forever in the form of photographs.
Photographing little babies is not a joke. It is a part by itself which only the most experienced and efficient people can do. If you have a baby, you must not wait long to hire the best newborn baby photography Mumbai Company to do the photo shoot of your young one because babies grow fast. Before they are all grown up, get a photo shoot of those sleepy eyes and innocent smiles.

There are certain things that you must know before you have a photo shoot for your new born –

Posing –

You would have already seen a lot of new born baby photo shoots. Decide on what the concept and poses of your baby’s photo shoot will be. The baby will not cooperate with your photographer all day. So, when the time is right, he just has to click. So, get the concept and settings ready before the baby is actually brought into the set. Decide on what the baby will wear and props are to be used for the shoot. Get them ready a day before the shoot. Everyone must wait, but the baby most surely doesn’t. So, whether it is the baby in the basket or the baby as a mermaid, finalist the poses with your photographer and then get the shoot going.

Patience –

The baby is not as understanding as the elders. It should be fed when its hungry, it sleeps when it wants and pees when it likes. There are no controlling powers for that. So, instead of trying to fit the baby into your plan, make the plan around the baby’s mood. Thus, whoever you hire must be a patient man to handle the sweet tantrums of the baby. Only patience and commitment can make a successful photo shoot.

Safety –

The first preference of the shoot should be the baby’s safety. You cannot do something that might harm the baby. So, avoid adventurous and dangerous stunts by the baby. A new-born’s limbs, neck and other body parts are tender. You must handle the baby with kid gloves. It is important that you avoid the use of any hard, sharp or dangerous object in the props and set. Also, make sure you avoid placing the baby on high altitudes or unsteady surfaces.

Time –

When you are shooting a new born baby, there is always a magic window in which the pictures must be taken. After that, the baby will no longer look new born. So, hire baby photographers in Mumbai for a photo shoot within the first 14 days after birth. As the babies are mostly sleeping during this time, you can click them without much trouble. Also, make sure that the photo shoot is after the umbilical cord has fallen off.

To photograph a new born baby, what you mostly need is creativity and patience, make sure have them.


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