Friday, 4 November 2016

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How To Select The Suitable Tools For Tube Expansion Process?

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So, you want to reshape the tubes of your machinery and looking for the right tools. Well, there are plenty of options available but finding the suitable ones will require some efforts from your side.

First of all, you need to list down all the available tools and their capabilities. This will provide to a wide idea of choices. Include the technology they use, the prices they have, and also the capacity of each one of them.

Once you have the list, you need to start following some steps.

1. Analyse your requirements

You can select the suitable option until you are clear about your own requirements. The current design of the tubes should affect your choice of tool. The alloy with which the tube has been made also plays a role in the tool selection process. Plus, the tolerance capacity of the tube provides the idea whether it will be able to handle the deformations or not.

Once you know the requirements, match it with the list of tools you made earlier. However, if you want to reduce the effort, go with electric tube expansion systemsThey usually work well in all conditions.

2. The size of the tool

The size of the tool should suit your tubes too. You don’t want to struggle during the process right! The expanding process of a tube requires the same amount of pressure in all radial directions, which can’t be done if the tool is not capable enough.

3. Look for the accuracy

The inner wall of the tube should be expanded without any flaws. A variation of pressure will destroy the process and increases the risk of waste deposits. Hence, it is very important that you test the tool before buying it. Check if it provides accurate results or not. Many manufacturers provide the guarantee of accuracy for a particular period of time.

4. High-end technology and quality assurance should be your goal

Traditional methods of expansion can leave the dents on the circumference. What you need is high-end technology. And that too, from a reliable manufacturer. Remember, technology can be found from various companies, but the assurance of quality can’t be achieved with all of them. Hence, make sure that the company you are trusting for this technology, has credibility in the industry.

5. Reasonable price

It is true that high-end technology has a price, but that doesn’t mean that you pay more than you should. There are reliable sources offering the latest technology at reasonable prices. But avoid the ones who offer you cheaper prices. Obviously, their products won’t perform as you wish them to.

So, if we sum it up, you have to decide your requirements, match it with the list of all the options, find the right size of the tool, test it before selecting, and believe only credible sources. Apart from all these points, you can also get the assistance of the manufacturer in order to know about the functions and maintenance of the machines.


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