Monday, 14 November 2016

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The Rudraksha 1 Face Bead- the Most Powerful Bead

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Understanding the cosmic force is not easy. But, we have one easy way to unite with the cosmos -rudraksha!
Rudraksha, in Sanskrit, translates to “Tears of Shiva”. The rudraksha beads transmit enormous strength and peace to the wearer. This has come through observations down the ages and we find records of everything for the posterity. To begin, let us see how and where we get these rudraksha beads.

Nativity of rudraksha trees

The rudraksha beads originate on the rudraksha trees found in the South-Eastern regions of Asia. In particular, you can find the trees only in Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Burma, and India.  The beads from the trees in Nepal are the largest and hence, the costliest.
The rudraksha beads are the seeds of the fruit growing on this tree. They have corns and craters on the surface and lines that divide the surface into mukhis or faces. The bead with four lines (five faces) is the most commonly occurring bead. The rudraksha one face is the rarest and only one occurs in one region in a year.

Power of the beads

Yogis and monks, when they wear these beads found enormous tranquillity and their powers of concentration increased. So, what gives the power to these beads? Each of these beads has several faces and each face, say the 2 mukhi, corresponds to one specific ruling planet and deity. In the case of the 2 mukhi, it has the moon as the planet and Shiva-Parvati as the deity. So, it makes one peaceful and increases marital harmony.
The 1 mukhi is the rarest and has Lord Shiva as it deity and Sun is its ruling planet. People consider Shiva as the strongest god. He has links to life and death recycle, the creation of language, Ayurveda, dance, and music. The person wearing this gets access to all worldly pleasure but the person is not attached to them. For all these reasons, people consider this Original Ek Mukhi Rudraksha as the “Divine Bead”.

Physical and spiritual benefits

The best day to wear this rudraksha bead is Monday. People with right eye defect or heart disease will benefit most. It can help those who have headaches and diseases of the veins, blood, and heart. The effect of this bead is felt by the hypothalamus, optic chiasma, pituitary glands, and the pineal glands. On the physical side, people with habits like smoking and drinking get the strength to leave the habits. This also helps people who overeat or talk too much.

From the spiritual side, the 1 mukhi has the power to wash off the sins of killing a Brahmin. The wearer can get control over all their senses and thus obtain Brahma Gyanam. The person gets moksha after death.

The One Face Rudraksha Price is Rs 2500. When you wear a rudraksha bead for the first time, you must choose an auspicious day like Monday (for Lord Shiva). Sprinkle flowers on the mala and light dhoop sticks. Apply sandal paste on the mala and chant Om Namah Shivay 108 times. Ask blessings from Lord Shiva and start wearing the mala.


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