Wednesday, 28 December 2016

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India Best Choice for Heart Surgery Due to Good Quality and Low Cost

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Open heart surgery is required for treating a variety of heart ailments. The average age of the person who has his or her first heart attack living in Asian countries is 54 years while it was 58 for those who lived in other regions of the world. You have hospitals in all the major metropolitan areas in India.

Influx of foreign patients in India

The quality of the medical treatment is high in India. Since the cost of heart surgery in India is one sixtieth to one hundredth of that in the US, many of the foreign patients are making their way to India for their medical treatment. This includes patients from the UK, the US, Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, Nairobi, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Methods of surgery

In the heart surgery, the area of the chest above the heart is cut open. The surgery is performed and the incisions are closed. There are two ways to do this.
  •   On-pump open heart surgery
  •    Off-pump or beating heart surgery

On-pump heart surgery

The surgeon will expose the heart and put the patient on a heart-lung machine. The heart does not have any blood flowing through it now. The surgeon does the needful on the heart and then reinstates it in the body. This method is used for heart transplants and coronary artery bypass surgery.

Beating heart surgery

Using a medication, the surgeon will slow down the heart and perform the surgery while the heart is still beating. The most common application of this method is the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). Defects that are rectified by this are heart defects present at birth, coronary artery disease, and repair of heart valves.

Risks associated with heart surgery

The common risks are bleeding and stroke. The patient might develop an infection. This risk factor is more for the elderly people or those with diabetes and blood pressure.
Change in lifestyle indicated after surgery
To recover completely and fast, one has to make some elementary lifestyle changes. These include the following:
  •      Keep check on the cholesterol levels
  •       Do moderate exercise
  •       Eat food having low amount of fat, salt, and sugar
  •       Make sure the diet is rich in nutrients
  •       Keep up an active lifestyle
  •       Do not smoke
  •      Do not use alcohol

By following the above directives, it is possible to achieve complete recovery after a heart surgery. One can perform normal activities like walking, swimming, or playing games. However, one must not over stress oneself or indulge in strenuous activities. Joining a health watch club is recommended since the members will discuss their progress with each other. As mentioned, go for a walk every day.

Medical treatment can cripple one’s life due to the high cost. The coronary bypass cardiac surgery cost in India is $1,833 while the same costs $106,485 in the US. With a little thought and planning, you can have good medical treatment at an affordable cost. Every year, the number of heart bypass surgeries conducted in India total one lakh. However, one must choose the right hospital and get the best surgeon to be sure of having a perfect surgery.


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