Thursday, 29 December 2016

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Relevance of flexibility for a LMS at User Management level

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One of the most important questions which crop up after the deployment of a mobile LMS is, “What kind of approach is most suitable for effective management of the users?” The decisions taken will influencenecessary functions such as reporting and admin rights, content management, branding, enrollment rules for the learners. kl.'

If you are planning to develop your user accounts through a feed from your HRIS or payroll system, then it will be tough to implement changes down the road without hampering the integrations and processes. It is key to getting this right at the start or you may end up spending additional time and money to redo the integrations. 

It has been noticed that most of the mobile LMS platforms offer a way to organise the users into the departments such as sales, marketing, development, warehouse etc. This is treated as an acceptable way to organise the learnerswhen a business follows a formal user hierarchy. 

Experts are of the opinion that many at times, department structure isn’t enough. There are enterprises that follow a tough or dynamic employee taxonomies. In such a situation, a tough department hierarchy won’t work. 

So what’s the solution?

Here creation of groups can play a handy role. It offers a viable way to organise the users on the basis of relevant properties - job title, location, product line, etc. The groups can be static (select the members) or even automatic (decide the rules and memberships should be dynamically adjusted as per the user’s information is updated). 

Groups help to cut across the department structure and also a user can be part of multiple groups. The group rules should be decided based on the combination of the fields – standard and custom – that allows complete flexibility for data mapping from different systems such as HRIS, CRM etc. 

The combination of groups, departments in a learning management system allows to completely control who views what and who are proficient in doing what to whom. In fact, up front tactical planning is capable of enhancing the satisfaction and productivity of your mobile learning platform.


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