Tuesday, 20 December 2016

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Success delivered to Harmeet’s aspirations

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HarmeetSodhi is pursuing his management degree from the University Business School, Chandigarh. It was his dream to become an entrepreneur. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump were the sources of inspiration for him. Their lives fascinated him and he developed an urge to be like them. But on the other hand, his father wanted Harmeet to work on his fields with him as he was a large scale farmer in Gurdaspur. After finishing his graduation, Harmeet managed to persuade his father to let him go for further studies.  He got admission in the reputed University Business School, Chandigarh. He was happy as he was about to live his dreams. But his father still wasn't happy with his decision. He left for Chandigarh with high hopes. He worked hard as he had 2 motives-

1) To become a successful entrepreneur

2) To show his father that he took the right decision

The results of his hard work were positive which was obvious. On the day of the convocation he was expecting his parents to be a witness of that proud moment and he was glad to see his mother and elder brother. But Harmeet's eyes were looking for his father, but he didn't turn up as he still wasn't happy with his decision. His eyes drooped but his mother consoled him and blessed him for his bright future. Now it was time for him to bid goodbye to his hostel mates and the hostel. He had to return home with hopes, dreams and the humongous luggage that he possessed in his room.

It was a really a Herculean task to do. So he decided to hire a relocation service. He explored the web and found APM Packers and Movers. He just gave them a ring and a pleasant voice greeted him from the other side. He inquired about their charges and the procedure which he found very intriguing. Their team arrived the very next day with a pickup truck. They performed a quick survey of the stuff and made a list. The team consisted of trained professionals and was working smoothly. The packing was done in high quality packaging materials and the delicate items were given special care. The loading took no time and was done safely. They took the Gurdaspur address from Harmeet and drove off.

He too left for the same in a cab. They drove together and Harmeet observed that they were very careful on the way and they reached within 7 hours. The unloading began and they did it slowly and steadily. Harmeet examined the stuff and everything was safe and sound. They placed all the stuffs at appropriate places. Harmeet was really impressed by their quick and safe service and started regarding APM as best packers and movers in Ludhianasince then. He thanked them for the commendable work and they left. Harmeet decided to start up a farm equipment and machinery business in Gurdaspur. His elder brother invested in his business. Now the business has grown and Harmeet is living his dream. His father now regrets opposing Harmeet for going for further studies and feels proud of him.


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