Friday, 20 January 2017

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Have some best cakes and up lift your mood

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The sweetest and most appreciated dessert around the world is Cake. When there is a cake, it brings instant smile into many faces. Prepared in various shapes, forms and flavors they are the most delicious thing that one can crave for. Be a birthday or a wedding or any other happy occasion, Cake is a wonderful gift. People love to receive a cake as it makes them happy.

So if someone is really angry at you and you want to calm them down then you can send some pretty sorry cakes. This will immediately change their mood and will bring a smile on their face.
Why cakes are round?

There has been many stories which deals with the fact that why a cake is mostly prepared round in shape. But the most circulated story is here. It is said that cakes were mandatory in all religious ceremonies which were performed in Italy. People out there used to think that this preparation should be round and circle because it symbolizes the cyclic pattern of nature like sun and moon. As it was round, they named it cake. Some other people say that cakes are round and it has nothing to do with nature. The type of yeast bread which was previously used to make cakes was round in shape. That is the cause that we are still following it.
Here are some delicious varieties of cakes which one should taste at least once if they have not already. In fact, these recipes are different and unusual and they are worth tasting.

Window Cake:  A sponge cake which is very light. It has a checkerboard layering in the interior. It is known to be discovered by Princess Alice, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Chocolate Hazelnut cake: The cake is made of common ingredients that are use4d to make a normal chocolate cake. Then use hazelnut crumbs all over the top layer of the cake. One can also garnish it with rasp berries and whipped cream. Chocolate dust is spread all over the cake.

Tiramisu Cupcakes: The batter is full of eggs, flour, butter and mascarpone.  This filling is to die for when baked and served with a tint of caramel cream.
Chocolate cake with espresso glaze: It is completely flourless. It is made with dense chocolate crumbs. Espresso coffee flavor is used in the batter with reach and creamy chocolate. It is served with hot melt chocolate.

Strawberry Cream Cake: This cake has three layers full of whipped cream. Cream cheese frosting is added to it to make it yummier. Fresh strawberry slices are used as toppings.

Chocolate Pudding Cake: This one is also a very common recipe.  Eggs, flours and chocolate chips are baked together to make a pudding. Then frosted cream is added to it and kept in freezer for a few hours. Hence the cake.

So, cakes always bring smile on face. It is the best dessert one can ask for. Bake a cake or buy it, it will make your stomach happy.


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