Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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Take your relationship to next level- Plan a Baby

Taking account of the current scenario, most people feel that let the right time come, and then they will have the baby. But Hold On!!! When will that Right time come?  The best time to get pregnant and have a baby is after two years of marriage. It’s up to you if you want that early too. Having a baby just after marriage may lessen down the time spent by the couple together. I recommend, take time to know each other and understand well. Then only take your relationship to the next level by planning a baby. It is a decision where a lot is at stake and you need to be responsible for all your actions. So, get your plans picture perfect before you proceed ahead.

While planning for a pregnancy, you have to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. By physically I mean before conceiving consult your gynecologist about any medical history if you have like diabetes, asthma and till what age you can conceive. It is recommended to conceive in you 20’s and early 30’s so as to avoid any king of complications. It has been widely seen that ladies who get pregnant in early 40s are more to prone to pregnancy complications. After conceiving, eat healthy and nutritious. Take rest and breaks in between your work. Don’t eat at one go. Eat little at regular intervals and increase the amount of juices and water intake. Strictly avoid any king of alcohols, tea and coffee.  Seek immediate medical advice if any problem or complication arises.

Preparing yourself emotionally means be ready for certain mood swings which will accompany you during pregnancy. Make sure that the decision of your getting pregnant is mutual and not held by a single person. If your partner is not ready, first prepare him mentally else your relationship will suffer a lot. In some countries, there has been a choice of baby boy than baby girl. But that should not be your main concern. Your focus should be on whatever the baby’s gender is, the baby should be healthy and carry a good luck. I give you certain tips for pregnancy planning for a baby boy. According to certain theories, it is suggested to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible because the male sperm is faster than female one but dies off more quickly than the other one.  Another theory says that is women have her orgasm earlier that her partner, then chances of conceiving a baby boy is increased. Try for positions offering deeper penetrations during your intercourse.  This will make the sperm travel less distance and will hit the uterus more quickly without letting the male sperm die. Check out the Chinese gender prediction chart. Believe me!! It has been proven right for around 70% of women. One of the weirdest methods is to make man wear boxers rather than the tight ones.

Whatever method you choose, the main thing lies in getting pregnant and enjoying the prenatal care that will be given to you. Cherish this golden period of pregnancy which offers complete care, love and affection for you and the baby. Hope you liked this article. Having a baby is the god’s biggest gift to a couple. Enjoy your parenthood with those little twinkling eyes and cute smiles. 
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